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Udayavar was the Title conferred on our Bhagavath Ramanuja by Lord Nam Perumal himself. Ramanuja spent more than half his life in Srirangam only. He attained Moksham at Srirangam only.

Specialty is Ramanuja was born in PINGALA year, he left for his heavenly abode also in PINGALA year that is 120 years  from the year of his Avathara. Ramanuja lived TWO full cycles of Tamil years after his birth

Now let me take you back to Last few days in Udayavars life.

He was leaving the Thirunarayanpuram o be back in Srirangam , Then all the Disciples also wanted to accompany him , then He told that he will be always be there in the midst of them and they should not leave along with him. Then He a Statue of him made and then he hugged the Idol and transferred all his power to that Idol. Even today it is there and It is known as THAMARUGUNDA THIRUMENI.

Then he went to Srirangam after touring some of the Divya Kshetram.

People of Sriperumpudur his Avathara Sthalam wanted to make a Idol and install it in the temple. Then on a auspicious day they were installing the idol and doing Prana Prathistai to the idol , Here in Srirangam Ramanuja was giving discourse to his disciples, then suddenly he Ramanuja maintained stone like Silence, more or less he was looking like statue. Then after some time he became normal and then his Shishya's asked what happened , for that he replied that Just few minutes back in Sriperumpudur they have installed his Idol and they did Prana Prathistai and they were conducting eye opening ceremony for the Idol hence he went there. The Thirumeni at Sriperumpudur is known as THAN UGANDA THIRUMENI.

Then it is time for Udayavar to leave this World and he informed his disciples , they all cried , then he told dear children why are you behaving like Aggyanis, I cannot live without you all ,but time has come , I should leave the world, for that disciples requested Acharya Sarva Bhouma to live with hem for some more days. Then Udayavar told he will live with them for three more days. Disciples were not satisfied , so Yathirajar told to get a Idol made , then after duly sanctifying the statue he transferred all his power into that moorthy then With his head on the lap of Embar and his feet on the lap of Vaduga Nambi, Ramanuja breathed his last in 1137 AD listening to the recitation of the Divya Prabhandam and looking at the Sri Padukas of Yamunai Thuraivan. It was Saturday, Maga Month Sukla Paksha Dasami Thi-Thi. This Idol is know as THAANA THIRUMENI

His physical body is preserved even today in a sitting posture in the Sannidhi (Sanctum Sanctorum) dedicated to him on the southwest corner on the fifth round opposite to Sudharshana Alwar Sannidhi, within the Srirangam temple Complex as ordered by Lord Ranganatha himself. The whole world is wonder struck at the feat of preservation of the mummies of Egypt and the body of St. .Xavier in GAO in India and make so much fuss about them. Many SrIvaishNavaas are not aware that here in Srirangam. their holiest place hailed as ' Bhooloka Vaikuntam' ( Heaven on Earth) lies preserved body of Sri Ramanuja .There is no Thirumanjanam for this Idol. Yearly twice it is Thirumanjanam of Pachai Kalpuram and Kumkuma Poo (Saffron),

Shrimathe Ramanujaya Namaha

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